Born in Colombia, studied  Fine Arts at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University ,founder  of the multidisciplinary group Collective Point.
All technique serves this restless artist, he is a  contemporary oil Painter (expanded), printmaking, sculpture ceramics, interventions, performances, video.  As an  abstract expressionists, anxiously aware of human irrationality and vulnerability, expresses his  concerns in abstract art that chronicled the ardor and exigencies of contemporary life.

Diego´s color dripped paintings in relatively large surfaces, most of his canvases set on the floor, instead of using the traditional paint brush. His paintings have direct relation to Diego´s emotions, and mood, and showcased behind the canvas. All the works are strong.

The paintings are completely abstract and they expressed big themes and emotions – tragedy, despair, the unconscious, angst of every description; feelings that were embodied not through imagery, but the intensity with which the painter got the paint on to the canvas. He creates a rich surface that reflects a type of landscape. The  surface contains a large variety of “under painting” both in terms of shape, color,   depth, lights shadows, and textures on the canvas, overlap of stains and the dripping or blasting  where lies the mastery and magic of his work.

Exhibitions in Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Italy  and Spain

Contact  diegosierraenciso@gmail.com