First digital art museum in Tokyo

The museum is located in Odaiba, a large artificial island in the bay of Tokyo, dedicated to culture and entertainment, which will also be the main area of the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games. 10000 square meters entirely dedicated to digital art, with 50 installations designed by teamLab, an interdisciplinary Japanese studio of “ultra-tecnologists” famous for some of the most beautiful installations around the globe. The visitor can in fact interact with the installations, which are inspired by different themes that refer to the Japanese tradition or to the world of nature (things that, very often, go hand in hand). You can drink matcha at the EN Tea House, while seeing flowers blooming in your teacup. You can immers yourself in the Forest of Lamps, where lamps respond to your human interaction by lightening, changing color and passing to the closer lamps. You can have fun in the Athletics Forest, while running after geckos, jumping among the stars, diving into the water, climbing into a bamboo forest, to name a few. You can hear the sound of storm in the Crystal Universe, while surrounded of thousands of vertical leds recreating sounds and colors.

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