Ángela Castro Fénix

Angela Castro is a visual artist. “ Silica (transparency), fire (transmutation) and light are the architects of my canvas created at more than 800 ° C, which transmit messages with colors, oxides, metals, coal and other elements through time-space. “In the creative process of my work (warmglass, painting, drawing and watercolor) I use automatism as a conceptual framework, developing an awareness of time and an admiration for life in the universe”, is her own description. Angela´s focus on the immensity of water, an element entirely out of our control yet so much a part of us and our environment, water is a central motif throughout the series “Precambrian” from the inorganic to the organic. It is an imaginative exploration of archaic nature, a reflection on the amazing, the improbable, the marvelous and the impossible of the emergence of life on earth. Feeding from primal waters (genesis) volcanic eruptions (magma, gea) electric shocks (forams, colonies) and the cells (algae) make contact with light: the biggest revolution occurred on earth thousands of years ago. She bases her messages on personal experience, memories, perceptions, intermediate states of conscience. At times she approaches glass as a filigree master, creating objects that are very precise in form; letting glass flow freely, stopping the process abruptly – works thus born have enthralling connections with natural forms. Angela has also built a reputation for her particular use of color and form. Warmglass is the art of creating pieces of glass in a high temperature furnace. It is a technique that was developed in the 90s and that allows to bake glass, the structural icon of society. With many years of research she has created her own language through this technique. Her works can be seen in galleries in private collections in Colombia and the United States.

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