Johanna Conde

Color psychology, color meaning, and subliminal messages in Art.

Johanna Conde is a Colombian painter who works mainly in acrylics and works with a spatula. Johanna has her own distinctive style of abstract impressionistic art and loves using bold, vibrant colors on canvas. She takes the world around her as her inspiration but also likes intuitive art. In her new series “The soul of color”, she develops a very particular technique, giving volume and shape to color in her immense works. She investigates the psychology of color on the characters conceived, in her works, she manages to put a stamp and a very personal technique, with a great message of inspiration, where her soul shudders at the contact of color, playing with shapes, spaces, colors, compositions, lights, and shadows. Her characters, although recognized and admired throughout the world, find in her spatula a very original look for the contemplation of the spectators.

Her artworks are large in size, characterized by intense coloration, and deconstruction of the images are partially recognizable figures distorted with strong color, depicting the famous, creating a new genre of fantasy. Johanna ’s rich sense emerges from her own reflection of life with both its beauty and its struggle intertwined. It is her colorful pallet, the modern mega-pixel fragmentation of the image defying her painting technique and the breathtaking size of her artwork that makes her art unique, memorable and possibly imposing, capturing the essence of the human subject, and the beauty of a face, through the use of patience, observation, and passion. Johanna was born in Colombia and trained as a primary school and is also a gallerist. Has participated in a number of important exhibitions



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