Adolfo Correa

Latin American digital arts booming.

Latin American digital arts is a really strong avant- garde media. But there’s definitely a sense that digital arts is growing across the whole region. And because so much of this work is available via the internet, Latin American digital arts are not so easily cast as something a bit unusual that happens “down there”, reflecting a world very different instead, It’s also a part of the world we all live.

The  exemplar of this new beginning with the experimental media, a new search for praise in kinetic objects, is Adolfo Correa, a multidisciplinary designer from Chile based in Spain, 21 year old student of graphic design. Although he may be young, he is quickly picking up on the popular styles and design trends of the modern graphic world. He works on direction, graphic design, ilustration and art direction for a wide range of clients from USA, Europe, South America and Asia.

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