Adriana Cabal Aulestia

Chontaduro, miel y mango biche (Bactris gasipaes, honey and mango biche) -2020

“Chontaduro, miel y mango biche” is part of a series of paintings, inspired by Valle del Cauca, Colombia with the aim to increase the sense of love for the region. In this painting, we can see different shapes, figurative (which can easily be identified and abstract especially in the background).

In this work, we find two types of lines: open lines (in the brushstrokes of the background) and closed lines (in the main shapes of avocados, bactris gasipaes, and mangoes). The artist’s palette in this work is wide, seen from warm to cold colors.

Adriana´s Lic. In Plastic Arts. Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia. Cañaverales International School. International Baccalaureate. Arts Teacher. Visual Arts (SL) IBO.


Phone: +57 301 614 50 90 





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