Aesthetic Trascender by Lucelena Retrespo

“Trascender”. Transcending is the process a human being carries though out life searching for the essence of things when he worries about becoming a better human being, a spiritual person. The message for the viewer is to find, on the front stage, some sort of prison bars which signifies all that is superficial and obstructs our path to becoming better human beings. Behind those bars, you find the light symbolizing to take.

Lucelena was born in Manizales, Colombia. In 1983 she was assigned to paint with baroque flowers, a chapel ceiling. She then began to study abstract art, she balances her artistic passion with that of teaching children through workshops and also does art restoration. Over the years, has attended many private and collective exhibits.

She is currently participating in Pinceladas-Arte con Proyección, a virtual exhibition created to fund a social cause which helps Colombian Families in need. More info in 

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