Aira Henao


The profound impact healing has had on our lives and as a reflection on past life experiences or feelings relating to rehabilitation from any condition or challenge is Aira´s message, she remind us of the permanence of scars as well as the ability to renew the wounds in our body and mind that leave a mark. Many times we do not choose to handle these sensations, they are outside of us, being able to handle them in a socially acceptable way that guarantees our survival and integration with society.

Identifying oneself within the universal feminine language is the foundation of Aira Henao’s message.

Her work with a dose of humor and irony, with a degree of complicity and empathy, regarding situations related to the psychological or corporal violence of women, to the sensitivity in the aesthetics of outer and inner beauty, motherhood, sensuality and healing of the spirit explores the invisible threads that can heal wounds and put an end to regret. She proposes that the needle penetrate the physical or mental resistances in order to heal.

Her creative process also takes from permanent contact with artists to various disciplines such as actors and her proposal has a histrionic tone to amplify the voice of the girl, the young woman, the mother, the grandmother without distinction of a social context, proposed in accordance with respect and appreciation of femininity.

a needle going through a button hole

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