Alvaro Barrios

Alvaro Barrios at ARCO Madrid, exhibiting his first NFT work.

The colombian Alvaro Barrios will present two digital NFT (non-fungible token) where the elements come to life. NFT technology allows to take this democratization of art to the next level because it can be exhibited in virtual galleries and allowing anyone in the world to see it and interact with it, even buying from it. The videos are made based on the paintings.
This exhibition will be presented in all its splendor “El Circo” en el Museo Duchamp from which his works are digitized, animated and set to music.
Barrios is recognized in the art world for his different engraving techniques, including lithography, offset, photogravure, and screen printing.

Omar Tellez.

Omar Téllez, co-founder of ‘Block Art Ventures’, was in charge, together with his company, of bringing the mythical works of the artist to digital art through this technology.

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