Alvaro Daza

Obra de Alvaro Daza

ALVARO DAZA . At Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

Colombian artist Alvaro Daza, earning great recognition local and internationally, His work is an explosion of color that seems to emerge from magic landscape. Daza´s works in mixed-media, landscape, modern, painting, abstract, and sculpture with a message of spiritual energy and sensual power.

“Series of colorful abstract paintings enchant with its inner motion, signature light, combination of straight and curvy lines and forms. It’s a play of colors, lights and geometry, it’s a pure balance of symmetry and asymmetry”.

“He draws life, thus his art is philosophy. His language is universal, therefore people from everywhere can understand it only if they use their hearts.” Natalia Atgiumiushliu, art critic.St. Petersburg, Rusia, has curated Alvaro´s art work.

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