Ana María Giraldo Uribe


Ana María is inspired by the confidence in the world build with her inner work because it is the canvas that she can transform. Her transformation is achieved through art, in the understanding not necessarily of painting, music, writing or any other manifestations, but as the art of making things better. The art of being better beings, the art of integrating better with others and with our environment, the art of being and being part, the best part of this world is her goal.

She looks dowdy but retains her dignity. Nothing matters more to her, not even the particulars of character or appearance, but what can serve for paint, texture, or a third dimension, she also the play between the literal and appearances. One can hear both the modesty and the ambition in her messages.

She is currently participating in Pinceladas-Arte con Proyección, a virtual exhibition created to fund a social cause which helps Colombian families in need.

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