Andrés Santodomingo

Lanscapes messaging experience and imagination.

Santodomingo paints monumental landscapes that are simultaneously inspiring and intimate. The Soul Encounters´ series combining stillness with motion, solitude with universality and definition with sugestion are fully contemporary in their message and execution. It is the product of intense technical and chromatic work judiciously developed for more than 30 years.

Each painting calls attention to the power and fragility of the environement. santodomingo´s vision of the beauty and magestic of the natural world, creating coherence, revealing harmony and balance without interruption.
Santodomingo´s message exploring states of mind and soul, the patterns created, lend ambiguity and mystery to the subject.
He has exhibited in Colombia, Canada, United States, Paris, France and England.
Now showing at Acero Galería, Bogotá.

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