Art will die when the last person on earth dies as well.

Art will die when the last person on earth dies as well.

Quarantine started 4 months ago in my hometown. Since then, the news is always tragic and their predictions are nothing but discouraging. The world suddenly stopped y more difficulties seem to appear each day. People without a roof over their head, hungry men and women that cannot work, children that collapse as a result of the lockdown’s monotony and artists that worry about the blockage and its uncertainty.  Even though the art world has been deeply affected by an economical point of view, I consider that within it’s the essence, it’s more alive than ever before. Human beings that inhabit earth during these hard times are facing an unprecedented situation in their lives. We find ourselves weak in the face of an enemy that’s invisible to our eyes.


Galleries and museums have become shelters for beautiful art pieces that bring thousands of people that want to know the world a little better, give their own opinion, feel the art, get to know the artist, and experience new and exciting things. Due to this unfortunate lockdown, closed down galleries and museums are forced to reinvent themselves and accommodate in the world of possibilities that the digital world offers. Art is facing an enormous challenge regarding the world’s health, but not even the deadliest of wars nor the darkest times in human history have stopped those who are passionate and see things in art that others don’t. Isn’t it poetic to see the destruction of the Spanish civil war on Picasso’s “Guernica”? It’s quite interesting to see how the image of the most catastrophic events can inspire majestic pieces of art that remain on the spotlight nowadays.


Nonetheless, I believe art isn’t solely found on canvas. Art can be found on the streets, on the wind, or even in darkness. Watching deer wandering around the lonely streets of Madrid, foxes on the cold streets of Bogotá or fish on the empty Venice canals represent on its nature every principle of art.  Maybe there are no exhibitions, maybe the luxurious galas have taken a break from showing precious pieces, but art’s essence is still in life itself.


During these infinite days of quarantine, time is both an innocent accomplice and an astounding ally for artists. The world may have taken a break but the artist will never rest. Nowadays, most people find themselves locked down with just their thoughts, their nature, their vision, a realistic vision. We find ourselves locked down with the infinity of our minds. I stand in front of the mirror and ask myself: Aren’t we the David of our Michelangelo? What if Van Gogh never painted his face but rather the reflection of his soul? We try to depict the impossible, what goes on in our minds. We try to somehow codify it so that others can understand our abstract thoughts. We dream about understanding our universe but enjoy its complexity. We’re humans and we’re art.


Author: Juan David Vargas (David de Antares)

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