Carlos Orrea

The Poetic Vision of Hope

Carlos Orrea – Artist

Carlos utilizes his skilled hand at painting to produce stunning portraits of ships at sea. His Marine paintings series features a beautifully textured collection of acrylic paintings that make excellent use of color and form with the poetic present is poetry in its pure development . Carlos carefully blends colors and allows the audience to view every brushstroke in each of his works. His artistic renditions offer an emotional connection in addition to a visual representation of a perceived transcend and reach the dimension of spiritual message.

” Last hours of the golden helmet ” is the sample of an aesthetic vision between essence and communication with a message of hope that leads everyone to identify with the illusion of survival, the idea of ​​being saved, of floating in the immensity of the sea that the work intuits and suggests. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Spanish parents, he currently lives in Bogotá, Colombia, and is close to establishing his residence in Vigo, Spain. He studied at the Pan-American School of Art in Buenos Aires and began his exhibitions in the year 1968.

Ultimas horas obra
“Last hours of the golden helmet” Acrylic on canvas.

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