Duvan López

A New Perception of Reality

Duvan López in Bauhaus Museum

The spatial juxtaposition,raising questions about the intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic implications of artificial visual worlds. The exhibition, curated by Gerda Siebelt, Borken’s gallerist, shows Duvan’s most recent works – three-dimensional objects, acrylic works, and mobilés influenced by an intensive study of several Bauhaus artists, among them Heinrich Neuy. The exhibition shows the artist’s most recent works in abstract forms and the subtle coloring in the paintings of the artist, look for the volume and a new perception of reality, adding the light they change, turn the drawing into a very modern object.

Duvan’s innovative approach to classic playing with shapes, colors, dimensions and materials, opens up a new and future-oriented perspective.His work is characterized by great technical versatility. He works with a wide variety of materials: paintings stand next to digital drawings and collages, sculptures made of iron or stone next to those made of acrylic or recycling materials. His works are representational or abstract, expressionistic, surrealistic, or minimalistic, he experiments with the most diverse currents and styles.

Duván was born in Quimabaya, Quindío, Colombia, in 1954. Duván sets his home-studio in Besalú, outside Barcelona. In 2009, he promotes MAQUI, Museum of Art for Armenia and Quindío where he donates and exhibits his work of the last 25 years.

artistic work perfume
Duvan López – ” The perfume”

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