Fabian Buitrago López

Contemporary Pointillism Style

Fabian Buitrago Lopez, with a background in architecture that has influence and shapes his contemporary style. Fabian is one of the few pointillist painters practicing art, his unique style is created with layers of colorful dots.

Emerging artist from Santander, Colombia, portraitist, his interest in color and painting led him to expire with acrylic, seeks to achieve emotion and beauty through colors.

A natural landscape is taken from the momentary nature, transience of beauty – palm trees in full against a clear pink sky with optical effects. Prolonged visual aftertaste that changes every time you observe the work,

the separate units that make up his compositions, cohere from a distance to create the image effects that they project. Yet light is invariably the piece of resistance in his composition, exemplifying the synthesis of landscape and abstraction.

artistic work Fabian Buitrago

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