Freddy Zapata

Magical Realism

Freddy Zapata’s work with a concept of magical realism as a metaphor represents butterflies, and allows Mirabel as a leading character with a message to understand others with their emotions and behaviors. A unique ability to create a composition full of movement and detail all at the same time to balance, via color extremely effectively. Time and space, still guide every movement,
Circular, semi-curved planes that represent the house, its rooms and doors, revealing the world of others and that cross the character as if it were a great magical and fantasy place.

Artistic exhibition inspired by the protagonist of Encanto aims to benefit boys and girls in the country through educational scholarships from its sale.
Several Colombian artists were inspired by Mirabel, the main character of the Walt Disney Animation, creating an artistic exhibition for .Galería Darte Bogotá. The alliance between Disney and, the Fundación Corazón Verde has already counted on the work of Colombian plastic artists in the past.

Zapata is a Colombian artist with a Master’s Degree in Product Design from the Royal College of Art in London. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Universidad de los Andes. His work has been exhibited and recognized in design competitions and events in Colombia, Japan, Italy and England.

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