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Magma Hugo Zapata

Zapata´s artworks with natural rocks,  the relationship between man and nature, a balance between the patterns of nature and the formalism of human traces close to pictograms, messages signs, ideograms. They are gestures of a primal magma, traces of the bustle of matter in the eternity of geological time, vestiges of avalanches, of liquefied metals, soft rocks, quartz and crystals, which even today, that fell into water mirrors or were trapped in dense quagmires.
Hugo Zapata is a recognized artist in the field of sculpture in Colombia. With a message in nature and rocks, the stone feeling of timelessness. Using rocks extracted from river quarries and from the eastern mountain range of Colombia.He studied Plastic Arts at the National University of Medellín, at which he is Professor Emeritus. His works have been exhibited widely. The First Prize in the XXXII National Hall of Artists and in the National Sculpture Contest in 1989.

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