Gustavo Velez

Complex Abstract Forms

Gustavo Vélez’s  sculptures are inspired by the perfection of geometry, from every angle, their forms are seamless and the lines are dynamic, their shapes change when light changes. Being a world artist ratifies the importance of Colombian art, as well as monumental sculpture, his creations will be in all the sites designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, as well as in the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo. Milan, Dubai and Houston.

His colossal sculptures in marble, bronze and steel are in museums in Ecuador and Colombia .He has exhibited his artworks throughout Asia and in art fairs in Japan, Iwaki and  China, he exhibited at the Zhengzhou Art Museum in Guan Xiang and in Korea.

Gustavo Vélez was born in Medellín, Colombia  studied Lorenzo de Medici Art Institute in Florence (Italy), and concluded his studies at the workshops in Pietrasanta, Italy. the maestro was elected as the featured talent for the annual solo exhibit in Pietrasanta, Italy.

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