Lucia Dalel

Colors of the Spirit.

Lucia Dalel is a contemporary young artist, who has taken up a painterly realism for floral subjects with aunique author’s style. Colors with wide tonal range, which adds a striking quality to the picture, soft lines, manages not to overload her canvases. Works full of light that messages warmness and tenderness. The authentic technique of the artist, her own style and individual artistic visión is both a source of inspiration and another way to harmonize the internal state. A message to express delight at the beauty and harmony of this world, petals are silky, a paper-thin, a burst seed pod brittle and dry. Yet the likeness is shaped by art and embodied with meaning beyond surface appearance. First colorist artist from Colombia that co-creates along with the owner of the work, the piece of art. She manages to bring together the subjectivity of art with the customer need in accordance with his space. She has exhibited in Colombia, London, Begium and now living in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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