Luis Fernando Quiroz

Artistic celebration of International Women’s Day.

To the woman in her day. Luis Fernando Quiroz.

“To the woman in her day”, an offering of admiration, for her day-to-day struggle, for her dedication and courage. For being a breath of life, a bouquet of love. The girl, that appears friendly and open yet forever unknown, shares a look so alive, energizing and permeating.  Nothing more, or less is needed anyway, a female in essence through the years. His,s painting, so delightfully bright and uplifting, is an open and direct connection of womanhood to nature, a clear vision of how rejuvenating and powerful women can be as presences to the world.

Luis Fernando from, Colombia is a plastic artist, industrial engineer and art teacher. With numerous national and international exhibition inside and outside the country, including: Italy, the United States (Florida, New York), Peru, among others. His portraits are connected with the culture of late-21th-century South America.

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