Lydia Rubio

The Investigation on nature

Lydia Rubio

Is a Cuban born, American artist. Her multidisciplinary work displays a vast knowledge of art history, theory and technique. Painting is at the core of her practice driven by a message system, not a fixed style. One of the main sources of inspiration has been the natural world prioritizing transformation, chance and visual quality.

A representative work “Green Creed” is a worth noting of her abstract geometric paintings. Rubio’s complex paintings and public art works have a strong conceptual base with multiple references and meanings. Since 2015 the representational paintings are giving way to more abstract works of dynamic geometries that go beyond rectangular formats. Artist’s journals are also a primary aspect of her work. A representative work “Green Creed” is a worth noting message of her abstract geometric paintings.

She is currently living in Hudson, NY after a five year stay in Bogotá, where she had a solo show “Genius Loci, La sabana”, a sequence of 28 oils on panel about the local landscape. Rubio has held solo exhibitions in national museums and also at Museum of Latin American Art. Rubio has been the recipient of several awards.

Green Creed

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