Mariana Gómez

“ Inappropiate” Characteristic women´s nature.

Mariana Gomez seeks to generate a conversation around the many things that women tend to hide because it is an “inappropriate” topic. In her work with embroidered drawings, she wants to put aside secrets and speak freely about the nature of women, their bodies, their rituals, their customs, their stories and their fears.

The lines are very subtle and dynamic, a naked body without armor, contrasted with clear and deeply defined bodies,

Marian with a Master’s degree in fine arts with an emphasis in sculpture from the Pratt Institute in New York. She has exhibited in York, Tokyo, Bogotá – BARCÚ Fair where she won an honorable mention. In art fairs in Mexico City and Lisbon

In March2021, Mariana Gomez exhibited her work of embroidered drawings, also inaugurating the Highlights 360 space in the Others 360 Degrees Gallery.

Mariana gomez
Mariana Gomez “Inappropiate” embroiderd drawing.

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