Monika Bravo.


Monika Bravo.

Monika felt prepared for the pandemic because she had first-hand information of the true dimension of what is to come. She studied, ‘kabbhala’, Buddhism, evolutionary astrology and human design creating a synthesis and integrated the mystiscism and creative expression based on color and form . It speaks of changes and opportunities, of a new era. Monika extracts infinite repertoire of shapes and colors with the tradition of Latin American geometric abstraction in an almost metaphysical chromatic and perceptual synthesis. And in her work, in the midst of eastern astral signs and spheres of knowledge she talks about the fall of the patriarchy of institutions such as the church and the oil industry (In the upper right part you can see some oil towers and in one of the lines horizontals there is a gothic church).

Monika Bravo a multi-disciplinary artist born in BogotáColombia, lives and works in New York City. Her work has been internationally exhibited in Oslo; Seoul’s International Biennial;  in New York City In 1982, Bravo left Bogotá, moving to Rome to study fashion design, which she continued in Paris at Esmod, before traveling to London to study photography.

Astral signs and sphere of knowledge. Créditos de foto MAMBO



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