Mambo Bogotá. Fernando Arias artist with interests in human, environmental and social nature. Graduated in Advertising (Universidad Tadeo Lozano), Arias applied the concepts of consumption of ideas through art instead of products. Through video, photography, installation and audiovisual actions, the artist explores the human condition, social and environmental problems, conflicts, politics, sexuality and religion.

Curatorship: Eugenio Viola: PhD, curator and art critic born in Italy.

MAMBO presents a journey into Arias’ research, revisiting works that have been extracted from his memory to tell the story of nonconformity. Nothing that ceases reviews for more than 30 years of artistic production.

The exhibition explores the concern for popular culture, power and society. Based on that, Arias will present a totally new work, Desagüe + Silla Presidencial (2020) to represent how power oppresses society by creating stereotypical and massive behaviors.


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