Natalia Castañeda

The Ceramic Bienal

Natalia Castañeda uses the landscape through the idea of ​​contemplation, that has allowed her to message the environment and the forms that make up the territory. It approaches nature, understood as a sublime entity, from painting, drawing and sculpture as the ephemerality of natural elements, contrasted with the permanence of objects created by the human being.

The City of Esplugues Prize, endowed with 4,000 euros, has gone to the Colombian artist Natalia Castañeda. The jury highlighted “The Audacity of its Format” and the “Game between Monument and Junk”. It is a set consisting of a piece of ceramic and two vintage chairs as a support element, which breaks the classic concept of ceramic work, creating a sculptural ensemble. Natalia is currently doing her doctorate at the University of Barcelona and has carried the first price at the Ceramic Biennal.

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