Pascuala Ramirez

Pascuala´s sculpture, music and architectural alignment, unconventional messaging, works art combined with the simplest forms. The idea is to understand the cosmic and natural laws, the message is the game of options, a dialogue between the mass and the void thru the body and space. The work is iron oxidized due to its inherent natural condition.

Pascuala´s sculpture is aroused with almost an urgency to explore each form in greater depth than just visually. She is a sculptor for all senses, a composition in extreme contrast. The universal appeal on her style is the success of her art, from which follows that nothing exists in a pure state or in absolute stillness, but in a continuous evolution.

Her visual effect from seeing art is no different than listening to great music or experience any other magnificent creation of the human mind and spirit resulting in sensory pleasure.

Pascuala Ramirez, Colombian artist, studied Fine Arts at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. Post graduate in Art Critic at University del Rosario. Invited by the OEA Museum in Washington to exhibit her neo-realistic oils. Fine Arts teacher at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. First Golden Brush prize in Japan. Painter and sculptor, art critic, interior architecture designer, Urban landscaping, Bogota. Exhibitions in Washington DC, Colombia, Holland, Canada, Venezuela, Tokyo, Japan, Museum of Modern Art, Cuenca, Ecuador, book illustrator, The Art of Being Human college text books, NY. She is one of the most important artists in Colombia. She has also exhibited in France and Spain, among others.

Pascuala Ramirez sculpture
The dialogue- Interperated iron – 220 x 180 Cts.

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