Paulina Mejia


Paulina Mejía ¨Poly¨ was born in Manizales and was the creator of the Mipoly®️ Brand since 2008. Studied Graphic Design, Illustration and inherited a great artistic spirit from family. After living several years outside decide to return to Colombia to undertake and gathered ideas to awaken happiness and share with everyone, so on; share it with others.

 #ArteParaLlevar is the motto that accompanies her creations, showing how a work of art becomes a fashion item to wear. The Mipoly Artworks are exemplary of the ¨Pop Art¨ movement of the 20th century and characteristic for using images and objects of popular culture, taken from the mass media such as advertisements, magazines, comics, cinema, or from everyday reality. Mipoly is pure hand-made art color, joy, passion, and its style, 100% Colombian message from Paulina´s mind.

She is currently participating in Pinceladas-Arte con Proyección, a virtual exhibition created to fund a social cause which helps Colombian families in need. More info in

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