Alejandro Pardo

Dioramas, three-dimensional miniatures in scale

Colombian -born Alejandro Pardo, whose works are conscious exercises of contemplation that reflect the pleasure of observing nature, which he captures through his paintings, making images last forever. The Paramo high land in South America with frailéjon plants and its lagoons where his painting sites for the challenging effects created by light and shadow and the strange beauty that comes from capturing our world in miniature, in exacting detail.

Alejandro´s purpose in painting is to preserve and show the present of the landscapes that surround him and often times communicates an urgent message inviting us to enjoy the natural environment that is still possible to find, in an air of mystery and playfulness, a unique and detailed diorama custom sculptures- creating the effect of an extra window in one´s room .

He uses oil paints to capture the delicate, crepuscular light, he knew the anatomy of trees, clouds and reflections on water or leaves prevailing aesthetics on his part as a reflection of his personality and a commitment to use painting to objectively notate his optical impressions of the landscape. Studious and humble personality, but it is clear that he did have an emotional response to the landscape. He worked diligently to replicate in paint the colors he saw in nature. Each color harmonizes with the others and establishes the values in perfect relationship from distant horizon to foreground.


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