Álvaro Daza

Colorful expressionism landscapes and abstract paintings.

Daza´s modern expressionist interpretation of landscape painting in which the colors are primary-red, yellow, blue in his trees, the images are shaped and arranged in the simplest possible way. The effect is of adaptable complexity, because the brush has put down what is in fact there, energy pushes the landscape into existence. The development of an organic unit denned by balance and harmony, works as much from his memory and imagination as his observations of natural phenomena.

An artist of his time, earning great recognition local and internationally, not only for his work , but also because he is his greatest promoter, generating an unmistakable style that allows anyone who sees his work to assert that magic inventions are no one else´s but Daza’s master pieces. His work are explosions of color that seems to emerge from magic landscape that he also paints, the fruits of masterly expressionism.

Series of colorful abstract paintings enchant me with its inner motion, signature light, combination of straight and curvy lines and forms. Unlike many other contemporary artists’ works, Daza’s combination of straight and curvy strokes and shapes do not create a conflict, resistance or dichotomy, rather it unites both in peace and coherence. It’s a play of colors, lights and geometry… it’s a pure balance of symmetry and asymmetry”  (Giumiushliu, N. Art critic. St. Petersburg, Rusia)
With more than 100 exhibits around de world  He was Invited to the 8th International (Shanghai) Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Forum from June 11th to June 12th, 2020 in Shanghai, China..

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