Álvaro Diego Gómez Campuzano

Header Alvaro Diego Gomez Campuzano

Álvaro Diego Gómez Campuzano is a distinguished Colombian artist with an international reputation. He initially studied architecture and landscaping, disciplines that later led him to his experimentation in the plastic arts as seen in this exhibition. “My artwork is the symbiosis of ancestral and contemporary codes, linked to the concepts of nature and the Mesoamerican cultures. In this process I use a variety of organic and industrial materials, such as conveyor belts, chainmails, cast bronze, synthetic fibers, and organic media as chlorophyll, mold, and rust”
He has exhibited in Colombia, Ireland, Austria, France, Italy, Lithuania, Denmark,Norway, Czecoslovaquia, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Budapest, Hungary, Geneva. Switzerland, Venezuela. Poland, Hungary, Denmark, , Spain, USA, and Canada.

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