Ana Consuelo Suarez

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Atmospheric Perspective.

Ana Consuelo pioneered the practice of creating art pieces that involved ecological systems-restoration. “Reflections of the Atmosphere “ series, artistic excellence with an environmental message, spired by nature or use it as raw material, transmitting its beauty and encouraging us to take care of it. Our polluted air and oceans, global warming, deforestation, and the consequences of mass consumption. 

“Blue moon ” is the sky beginning to spaces the same as water, the dirt inside the sky moon glazesgolden the sun that burns yellow black, and brown below the dark blue water what from the sky falls into the water, green and blue sky and nature and the whole work have characters all have a circle. Firm control over both color and tone; able to draw viewers in — to make them enter into the experience of being there at that moment in time. Process layers on layers, acrylic beeswax, metallic paints, oxidation, and chemicals, she uses different types of textures intricate visual environment that promotes the understanding of the similarity between the issues around the environment. The flow and depth of the composition is highly evocative and showcases Ana Consuelo’s striking ability to convey feeling through paint

Ana Consuelo is from Pereira, Colombia. Has studied Painting and Photography from The Learning Connexion School of Creativity and Art. Director of the National Gallery of Art at CTB Corporation. Director at Capitalize International, she has exhibited his work across Colombia, Cuba, Europe, the United States.

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