Ana Fernanda Vejarano

Header Ana Fernanda Vejarano

Ana Fernanda Vejarano is a Colombian painter who balances abstraction experimentation and creativity from nature, a source of endless inspiration and chances to capture emotional experiences in subtly powerful ways, she draws to capture clouds and storms in pieces like “the perfect storm”.

Her message relies on the viewers and collectors, to feel something – possibly the same something she feels while painting each artwork. Storms and the power of nature can invoke excitement, uncertainty, and hope among other things.

Her images come in rendered layers and variations in finish, surface, texture, and detail breaking of the picture plane, deconstructive and colliding shifts in perspective, time, and space, a melding of simultaneity, compositions that become more fluid with a mere suggestion of movement. Ana Fernanda Vejarano a self-taught artist, drawing, painting, and creating art continuous developing her style and technique. She studied marketing and advertising, interior design, and working in the financial sector as a stockbroker and also dedicated to painting.



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