Ángela Castro Fénix

Poetry of the Unexpected Glass”

Angela has always taken inspiration in movement and materiality in her ways to represent nature in her ” unexpected series ” creating her own glass message, in an equilibrium: nothing exists in isolation. The movements of life´s energy which originates in the sunlight takes place because everything is interconnected and interdependent.

She examines the cosmic relation of nature in the sequence that transforms. The experience of engaging with art in confinement coincidences with timelessness reflection. An unexpected sudden change in the lifestyle changes and helps the environment.

Angela´s forms stand for the beginning of something new in a changing experience representing the moments in time impossible to predict. Through the message that it’s important to be flexible, magic happens, Angela´s glass connects the past and future in the natural process of life.

Angela´s work, inspired by lights relationship with glass, often bring together simple geometric natural forms with colorful complexity in using a thermoformed process where sheet or pieces of glass placed a top mold or sand bed is gradually heated to its melting point and taking the form of the mold, allowing the glass to be crafted into shapes and sizes.

Throughout her career , Angela has been courted by major institutions, commercial buyers and private collectors.


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