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ANGELA CASTRO is a water color and lifetime glass artist with an individual style developed over a lifetime of professional using nature inspired colors as a creative outburst of the artist during pandemia . It is the abstract forms with a large space for imagination, natural spontaneity and balancing contrast between dark and light. The particular combinations of color or surface texture creates different spatial or optical effects; or how, for instance, a section of implied depth may appear initially as a decorative element or embellishment. This use of formal relationships is both playful and analytical and leads to the depiction of an environment which synthesizes the real and the imaginary.

The “Phoenix ” bird that rises from its own ashes with the resilience capacity to find solutions that life presents in the pandemic with positive message.

Angela Castro has a desire to transcend a persistent sense of displacement in the human environment. She also likens her color intervals to the way space in music is used. She is continually exploring, experimenting and re-evaluating her work and is becoming increasingly interested in adaptation. Angela’s work is collected extensively by major institutions, commercial buyers, private collectors and galleries.


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