Ashley Bickerton / Barbados

Header Ashley Bickerton

British/American sculptor, born in Barbados. He studied at the California Institute of Arts, well known for the engagement of many of its students in the imagery of popular culture. In 1986 he exhibited alongside Peter Halley, Jeff Koons, and the Venezuelan-born Meyer Vaisman (1960– ) in an exhibition at the Sonnabend Gallery, New York, which helped to define the Neo-Geo movement. Le Art (1987) is an aluminium box covered in corporate logos. Rather than present a critique of such things, Bickerton said that he was interested in utilizing ‘the process of corruption as a poetic form’ and that ‘we’re all riding the monster train and we can’t get off’. Following an art market recession at the beginning of the 1990s, Bickerton moved to Brazil and then to Bali, where he now lives and works.

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