Camilo Rincón Dennis

Unique style of acrylic paintings. Rincón Dennis’s abstract forms are full of movement, grace and harmony. His pieces are meant to evoke questions from the viewer, offering an almost introspective glimpse into the uniquely personal worlds of thoughts, feelings and memories. The vitality and strength of color and line in his work are extremely important, but it is the complexity of shapes and patterns that hold the viewer’s interest. His mix media paintings also reveal clarity, mastery, and confidence as he selectively employs linear embellishments and punctuations of color. Rincón attributes his development as a painter to experimentation and the actual process of painting, rather than formal academic studies. You will find a very strong sense of design and composition elements in Rincón’s abstract works. Rincón was born in Bogotá, Colombia. Location that naturally gives the work a special element of intensity and offers a fresh perspective to his broad range of works. He also enjoys photography and reading. Rincon Dennis held his first exhibition “Other Watercolors” in July 1990 at El Callejón Gallery. His modern contemporary abstracts have been sold locally and internationally.

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