Camilo y Federico Gaitán

Header Camilo y Federico Gaitán

Visual artists and sculpturists.

Camilo and Federico, based in Colombia, work in extraordinarily powerful curvilinear monumental sculptures and functional forms as well as public commissioned monumental sculptures. Twins born into an artistic family, have literally carved out a successful career creating outsized three-dimensional abstract forms. They seek to balance the sophisticated modernity between familiar and foreign in the interpretation and expression of movement and the poetry of emotion through the language of metal.

A surprising element of grace and fragility is discovered in their conceiving message that expresses emotion, represents a sense of power, and evokes admiration and wonder.  The beauty and deeper form of the greens and surrounding nature truly speak to people who love and relate to it, and their abstract texture paintings add an additional dimension of experience to those enjoying it.

They join traditional craftsmanship with innovative, iconoclastic concepts to create dynamic, curvilinear monumental sculptures and functional forms. Occupying the limitless space between abstraction and representation, they balance the sophisticated modernity between familiar and foreign adapted.

Exhibitions include individual and collective shows in Germany, Colombia and New York. They have participated in several auctions at the national and international level; they received third place in the national prize of the Vice Presidency of the Republic and were deserving of a Mirador de Juncar scholarship in Spain. They are directors of AIESM International Association for Monumental Sculpture events, and creators of the Arterraza Foundation.


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