Carlos Lensurdy

My current work is the result of a process that has gone through various disciplines in art such as photography, cinematography, design, and  painting. In 1983, when Steven Jobs launched his first computer, the 512, I understood that if I didn’t learn how to use this new technology, I wouldn’t be able to evolve as I envisioned art transforming in the following years.

So little by little my work began to transform and it became what it is today.

Now my pictorial work is the result of an amalgamation of techniques that I develop on the iPad and that I take to the canvas with some interventions in oil.

I thought I was alone in this search until I found that there are several artists who are on this same path, such as David Hockney and now with the Birth of Cryptoart, a new generation of creators.

This technique allows me to create and produce for the different ways of exhibiting my work, whether in a digital impression, on a flat screen or on a canvas with an intervention in oil.

And the wonderful thing is that I can produce it far from the city and send it online to my buyers so that they can print it to the size they require or mount it on a flat screen in a gallery or living room..

In other words, I have become what is called a “Digital nomad”.

In relation to my acquired experience I think it is payback time and I am teaching in a school that I created which I call 2seeAnew / verDnuevo and am promoting courses on line.

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