Carlos Orrea

Colour dynamics “spacescapes” of the cosmos, by Carlos Orrea

His observations about life’s constant change and movement are represented in abstract landscapes, “spacescapes” of the cosmos, Carlos Orrea, is an artist who captures reality to transform all we know with all we imagine and with all, we suspect exists, but that in reality, we don’t know.

There, in that empty deep space, that incessant big bang, amidst particles of stars’ dust and molecules of gas, never ends. Life and death of the stars, where suddenly, a beam of light crosses in its way to some galaxy. It’s the message that we aren’t alone in this surprising universe, which is provided with dissimilar forms, indescribable colors, millions of glittering asterisks pin that infinite space, with endless distances. 

The presentation features a selection of new abstract oil paintings that capture the exuberant energy and brilliant color IN abstract compositions often inspired THE COSMOS. The sense of it is more playful, more joyful, like a color run. These representational elements are then filtered through the artist’s images of idealized places that emerge on the canvas as vivid bursts of color, and spontaneous gestural lines.

Artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, now lives in Bogota, Colombia. His exhibitions are numerous, are thirty-one years of office, and delivered in a world of painting, his work is in the private collection of numerous institutions. 


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