Cecilia Somigliana

Due to Cecilia ´s imaginative and expressive use of color and form, her pieces become abstract mystical spaces, changing elements in nature and creating abstract expressionist paintings showing her own emotional feelings. Using layers from different worlds to offer creations you will need to deeply jump into to measure the subtlety of her work. Her message is in her passion for colors, movement, and some geometrical landmarks. Dripping, where her expression found the freedom to be, appreciating different styles: contemporary, abstract expressionism arts, she is mainly influenced by Jackson Pollock’s artwork.

The series “Oxímoron” dripping forming harmonious strokes and shapes that seem to dance together and intertwined. Represents the grandeur of galaxies and therefore the tinyness of being, which produced a small sadness and immense joy. Her work is represented in various private collections, institutional and public.


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