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Youth from the Symphony of Color

Colombian born, artist Elvira Pineda has received international acclaim for her contemporary re-interpretations of women. Through building close relationships with her subjects, employing playful visual strategies, Pineda images portray profound, intimate depictions of complexities surrounding human nature and connectedness with environment.

Symphony of Color series, is a message that offers a detailed insight into the creative processes Elvira has developed over two decades. Her current art passion is to create modern abstract works, in which she mainly focuses on expressing the sense of flow and purity of colors. It is her devotion and happiness to keep creating new artworks through continuous experiments that bring joy and pleasure to the viewers. She developed an artistic urge to express in her series of paintings the warmth that is created from musicians.

In 1991, she traveled to Venezuela with her family and resumed her painting classes. She studied 4 years with Humberto Oliveros, a professor at the University of Zulia participating in various group exhibitions. She has exhibited in Colombia, Miami, Malaga Spain and has been selected for the Suba International Art Biennial, 2021.

Bogotá, Colombia

  • artwork "Desahogo"
  • artwork "Cadencia"
  • artwork "Expresión del alma"

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