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“Contemplation” by Humberto Cuan.

The plastic artist Humberto Cuan presents his most recent work, where he merges his musical compositions with his painting. A message he has developed and is the result of adaptation accumulated throughout his life.

CONTEMPLATION, described by Cuan himself as follows: “The pastiness of the painting is shown as volcanic magma, as pieces of earth, as fertilizer for life.

Abstract depictions in greys, blacks, browns, whites and reds, color mixing that creates the “magic”, bending our perception of time or space, maps not of city, country or continent, rather as energetic sketch emerging together with the sound pieces that accompany it today. His works are characterized by engaging in dialogue with representations of landscapes; the result of experiences lived as an inhabitant of earth and as an artist, as a source of serenity and harmony which he give to be converted into strength, knowledge and maturity.

Finally, this pictorial and sound proposal gave rise to the Digital Art Book “CONTEMPLACIÓN”, of his authorship.

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