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ILEANA GUTIERREZ QUEVEDO, born in Bogotá, a life-long painter, went to the School of Fine Arts in Paris, traveling through Europe and leaving an imprint of Impressionism art paintings. Her passion for natural beauty is seen in her work as she transforms sailings boats into stunning interpretations of bold color, playful rhythms and raw emotional impact. Ileana´s emotional impact which she know calls “sentimentismo” which is now taught in her conferences.

Ileana messages are illustrated by the paintings that directly inspired their thoughts. A new visual language was developing – or was it enhancing an earlier language. Her paintings and poems have been wed from the beginning. Language itself has pictorial roots being more expressive of her individual “soul” described by her as follows:

SENTIMENTISMO “From a dream, where Art has been the axis of my life, decided to dive into the depths of the spirit of things and human beings where my professional, personal experiences complement the action of the service sharing it with others and going by the hand of Pedagogy , I came to the conformation of ” SENTIMENTISMO “, where art becomes a fundamental tool in re-educating in the spirit of men through the Educational Processes and build changes. Art as a transforming element, to heal, to be a common language transcending differences, understanding in it ,the internal sensitization to be better individuals and therefore better communities. I want to deliver and share this “ HOME ” (SENTIMENTISMO ) with anyone who wants to contribute to enrich this concept and achieve in practice feeding the educational processes according to the circumstances and needs which truly suit the communities and allow them to develop in their true “BEING”, where Education is no longer be massified and cease to be a mechanism to deliver and receive knowledge so we can appropriate it, assimilate it and not emulate it, be authentic in any Office whatever, balancing the feeling and thinking being the true Artists of our own life.

She has exhibited in Galleries and participated in Cultural Festivals in Colombia and abroad, Canada , Martinica, Ecuador, Mexico, España , United States, Cuba and France.

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