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The presence of the permanent in the fleeting.

“Style, for the writer, for the artist, is a matter of vision, not technique.” Marcel Proust. “Time recovered”.

Photography, as an aesthetic way of perceiving and relating to its surroundings is the passion, work and hobby of Laura Mejía Pizano. Her lens fragments the object and the artist reconstructs it in her own way. Like a game of mirrors, the image confronts the viewer, but she must discover it to capture its essence. The sharp, penetrating, observant gaze of the photographer reveals the idiosyncrasy of objects and things. Appreciating an image of Laura is re-knowing an object as if it were the first time it was seen, even if we thought we had been familiar with it. This is how, for Mejía Pizano, photography is a passion – as the French writer Balzac- would describe it.

This deep interest has led Laura to deepen her photographic knowledge: -Lasalle College, New Hall School, Skylight Photography-, to work with prominent photographers: -Pablo Salgado, Carlos Mario Lema-. In this way, and despite her youth, she has completed twenty years dedicated to working with her lenses, cameras, and the same warm and affectionate smile as always.

Each photograph could be the beginning of a story, of a story, of a story. Her images, which will remain outside of time, relate the lived reality with the imagined creation. Her personal way of introducing fiction into life could be related to studies of English literature carried out in England. Whether your interest at the moment is to capture a marriage, a landscape, a gesture by Tomás, her 11-year-old son, or a wall covered in graffiti, what in the end reveals is the deep meaning of life, the flow of “lost time”. Thus, the artist’s job is to transform the fleeting into permanent.

The word “empathy” defines and characterizes Laura. Her ability to put herself in the place of who faces the camera, and thus capture feelings, illusions and dreams, and in the same way that portraits question the viewer, she tries to penetrate the enigmatic gaze of faces. To conclude, it can be said that for Laura Mejía Pizano studies and technique have been the basis for structuring her mastery, but it was her artist gaze that has marked her style. By Josefina Pizano.

Taken with Iphone x – 20×25 cmts -Photo pape.

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