Header Luis Fernando Quiroz

Contemporary Classicism.

Luis Fernando is at the forefront of today’s classical painting scene. His work portrays the female figure not only aesthetic, but also as intellectual and spiritual. His allegorical compositions combine a modern color palette with classical painting techniques with the intention of reinstating the role of beauty in art. Anyone looking more deeply into the work will see things that resonate with current life culture and experience. The dedication and skill that he applies to his work is definitely inspiring!

Colombian artist is a leader in contemporary Classicism painting. His portraits of art-world figures and celebrities explore youth, fame, and beauty. The paintings adapt modest and profound at the same time. By creating a sense of intimacy, Luis Fernando allows the viewer to get a better understanding of his or her longings, deceptions, and fears, which are subtly reflected in the portrayed subjects. His portraits are connected with the culture of late-21th-century South America.

Originally from Envigado, Colombia, Industrial Engineer. Self-taught in Plastic Arts with numerous exhibitions inside and outside the country, including: Italy, the United States (Florida, New York), Peru, among others.

Teacher in plastic arts, with several awards for artistic work. With more than 40 years in the professional artist life.

The works are elaborated with an expressionist tendency since the style.

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