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Galaxies in Deep Space

Maria Isabel Salazar de Lince is an inspiration to us all and helps guide us into the transformative potential of art and a transcendent, meditative, and healing space. The overall message is a general sense of calm and meditative serenity, easily and joyful. The color, the movement, the peacefulness, joy that we want to surround with her works an illusionistic miracle, plunging us into the depths of space.

The message does not overwhelm with the immensity of the universe, it´s concerned with its beauty, the glory of light and color, the most dreamy oils. To confront these tidings is to feel a lift of spirit before a revelation with considerable carrying power, her work can be enjoyed as compositions of colors, and forces quite independent of their imagery, striking as that often is. Apart from the skies, she is aware of modern contemporary, the very twentieth-century obsession with light in contrasts. María Isabel, is a Colombian artist who paints some of the most dreamy oil paintings.“Galaxies “is a work of transcendent beauty, a testament to the resilience and courage of an incredibly gifted artist. 

María Isabel Studied Art Drawing and painting. She has exhibited extensively in Colombia, the United States, Europe, and Asia. Awards: Women in art. Houston – USA; 2nd. International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci. Florence, Italy; Art Werkkunst. Berlin Germany; The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2017; International Prize Andrea Mantegna. Italy; Internazionale Arte Award. Milano – Italy.


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