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An industrial engineer with a major in Structures, Martha Cecilia has found painting and music one of her greatest inspiration, in 2000 she started to paint portraits placing special interest in music enhancing her inspiration In 2011 after taking a musical appreciation seminar on instruments from the symphonic orchestra, she began painting music, preferring the classics such a Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, inspired by the chosen masterpieces of music, she began with her personal perception. 

Martha´s represents the most ambitious, the most literal, and, perhaps, the nuttiest attempt to adapt art and music: nothing less audacious than a completely new message, with music with art. Some people can actually hear color, therefore they are easily influenced by music affects the painting process. Is the music slow, staccato, loud, aggressive, or melodious? Fast tempo will encourage fast mark-making, calm music may result in calm color choices. Of the symphony no. 40 by Mozart. Speed, rhythm, beauty, strength. A free, fast, pure state is perceived as the basis, formed by the beautiful repetitive, and imposing melodies. Subtly strangers appear that lead everything towards an argument.

The Brandemburguez Concerto No.3 by Bach Color, dispersion, repetition. Each measure repeats itself and the notes vary rapidly over a wide scale, thus producing changes in color. The colors are reflected throughout the work, with red standing out on the left and right. Without preconceived figures or colors, as the music passes, it inspires colors, mode, and place of application. Each measure is repeated and the notes vary rapidly over a wide scale, thus producing changes in color. Mozart’s Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra. Without preconceived figures with colors, as it goes by, the music is inspired by colors, mode, and place of application. The backlight and white illuminate the work. A cheerful work of colors falls and rises in a circular way. The undulating rhythm inspires the horizontal lines of the inner part. “The description agrees with the feelings and emotions that the work emanates, is good because it talks about both the painting and the musical work, always leaving space for the interpretation of the listener and the observer since it is an abstract work.” By Lorena Ortiz, Music graduate.

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