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Portraits expressing power

Mauricio is contemporary Colombian painter, his abstract representational artworks are tending to realism without being redundant because when an artwork is figurative-representational, it doesn’t mean that it has to be realistic. Texture, to depict subjects as closely as they appear in real life, coincide in that the work is created with the intention of representing the portrait as truthfully as possible.

The message is more about the idea he intends to communicate or the visual interpretation made from the portrait in front of you. Painting brings one’s own sense of existence to the canvas, measure by measure. Mauricio portraits are complex messages of identity that serve a range of functions from expressing power and declaring status by making larger statements about society at a given point in culture.

Mauricio also accepts commissions and creates the work assigned to be done, custom works in excellent quality, as on horseback a polo player, a surrealism  expressing the concept and beauty of how small and precious we are in the larger context of time and space.  As a collector, it is your chance to be part of the creative process and bring to life something that you will be connected with forever. 

Graphic Designer of the Art Institute of Atlanta, GA, USA. Publicist. Plastic artist, acrylic mixtures with plastic liquid mixtures on canvas. Ten years of experience. Exhibitions in Colombia and the USA.

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