Omar Garcia

Header Omar Garcia

Plastic and visual artist – Bacteriologist 

Inspired by the movement.

Omar´s work is a fusing of paint, pattern, color, and imagery with lots of very unusual color creating a living sensation of air, earth, and respiration. Omar´s fresh and unique brilliance, and his clarity of purpose, yet responsive to the renewed conditions of every painting. A sophisticated sensibility unites this mass of images, with a consistency of intent.

Maite Suez, an art historian, and critic, expands the curation as follows…..” The master Omar Garcia brings them the panorama observed in front of the microscope where he analyzes different organic samples that he evaluates as a Bacteriologist and making use of his creativity forms an alloy between the microscope and the telescope, verifying that the universe and everything around him is in a relationship, along with that alloy are one of his hobbies which are space movies and science fiction that help him create and make an alliance with ribbons and hyperbole simulating space contrails giving them vibrant cold and warm colors that play within the frame of the canvases for the sensation of the movement, bringing the planets closer at times or moving them away at the other times, in the middle of this trail of colors are the black of holes that make us think that they are doing in that infinite game of space”

 As per his autobiography “Art and science always go hand in hand. I started my painting activity very young studying with various Colombian painters. I went to the Bacteriology school at the Catholic University of Manizales, in which I had the opportunity to combine intellect with art because the microscopic world is very varied and is a great source of inspiration in the creation of my artwork, giving me the privilege of being in a fantastic world of science and the art. I moved to the United States, I continued working on my paintings and participating in collective and individual exhibitions. I was a member of the Atlanta artists Center and Roswell Fine Arts Alliance”. He has exhibited in the U.S.A and Colombia.


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